Mitigate risks linked to conformity in SAP BusinessObjects


SAP Business Objects report regression testing and more precisely, automated comparisons of BO report datasets is a tricky but very important task. Maintaining accuracy and consistency of SAP BusinessObjects reports is critical. Automated SAP BusinessObjects testing allows to mitigate risks due to manual testing. The current state of the art is manual testing. But how is it done manually? There are Alt+tab users displaying report.rpt in two browsers, for instance in XI3 and BI4 and then compare outputs (going down to pixel level can be tricky for human eyes). Then, there are dualscreen users; but I am pretty sure this solution is less accurate compared to the Alt+tab method. Finally, there is what I used to do while performing migrations, 20 years ago, working on BOBJ and migrating from BO3 to BOv4: printing both versions and then overlaying the printed documents in front of a window to try and highlight differences! Again artisanal way. Plus, that was not ecologically-friendly! There are also two last categories: NO TEST and vague similarity test! So let’s get started with a professional way of performing regression testing!


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