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What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects
BI Platform 4.2 SP07?

flag-us Jan. 24 – 10am EST1h00

Special GuestMaheshwar Singh

Get to know the new features incorporated in this latest and greatest BI platform release. Understand the future planned functionalities in the subsequent release to help prepare for the updates



What’s New in SAP BI 4.2 SP7:
Web Intelligence & Semantic Layer

flag-us Jan. 29 – 11am EST1h00

Special GuestGregory Botticchio

Learn how the release of SAP BI4.2 SP07 impacts Web Intelligence and the semantic layer.


Past Webinars

flag-us Dec. 131h00

Data Storytelling 101: How to Tell a Story Users will Love

Special Guest: Mico Yuk

Data Storytelling is one of the most sought after data skillsets in 2019. While many BI practitioners want to tell stories, knowing where to start is a challenge. The large amounts of data generated, combined with impatient users, requires that you have a proven framework.

The BI Data Storytelling Mastery methodology is exactly what you need! In this webinar you will learn:

  • The four questions to ask your user to create a compelling data story
  • Why most data stories fail and how to prevent it
  • The power of storytelling vs mere reporting
  • How you can use words and visuals to accelerate decision making
flag-us Nov. 1330 min
europe-flag Nov. 1430 min

Automate Business Objects Platform Maintenance

As a Business Objects platform owner, there are activities that need to be performed on a regular basis to keep the platform stable and operational.
How can you automate these recurrent activities to save time and focus on more value-added tasks?

Join this 30 minutes webinar including live demos to learn how to:

  • Auto-clean your platform – automate content tagging (ex: unused or older than N months), clear old users’ inboxes content, and deletion/archiving
  • Automate your backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Auto purge Webi that contains sensitive data
  • Auto disable users that never logged in
  • Auto track your long running documents
flag-us Oct. 1830 min
uk-flag Oct. 1830 min

Reduce your Business Objects
Operational & Technical Costs

Boosting the efficiency of SAP BusinessObjects is inversely related to reducing technical and operational costs.

360Suite helps BI teams to:

  • Determine licensing needs
  • Reduce the cost of migrations and upgrades
  • Automate processes
  • Shorten administration time
  • Ensure proper sizing
  • Manage server peaks
  • Control growth
  • Reduce the cost of complying with regulations (SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)
flag-us Sept. 191 hour


Special Guest: Gregory Botticchio, SAP BusinessObjects Webi Product Manager

Gregory will demo new features and enhancements, including:

  • Auto-Refresh: Refresh documents regularly and automatically.
  • Chart Animation: Add dynamism to charts by animating them.
  • Simplified Mode: Share documents in a simplified interface containing only selected reports.
  • UI Customization: Define Webi features and UI components that users can view.
  • Time Dimension: Convert a date dimension into a time hierarchy to better analyze time in data sets.
  • View Time Filtering: Use “view time filtering” to apply business security profiles and reduce document opening time. Forget the “refresh on open” option!
  • Intra-Document Linking: Use this new functionality to navigate from one report to another one within a document.
flag-us July 1830mn
europe-flag July 2630mn

Business Objects Version control

Attend our 30-minute webinar to learn how to:

  • Version documents, connections, and Universes
  • Allow document developers to checkout / check-in directly in Business Objects
  • Lock checked-out objects with Business Objects security
  • Revert to a previous version quickly and easily
  • Compare different versions
  • Audit versioning lifecycle management
  • Initiate workflow approval for documents, connections, and Universes included in releases
europe-flag Jun 1330mn
flag-us Jun 1330mn

Business Objects Sizing and Performance Testing


  • What is sizing and performance testing?
  • What is the value of sizing and stress testing / performance testing?
  • When and how should I size my Business Intelligence platform?
  • When and how should I stress test / performance test Business Objects?
flag-us May 311h00

How to become a Visualization Guru in Web Intelligence

Join this webinar to learn directly from SAP product manager:

  • What is the chart engine used in Web Intelligence?
    Learn about the CVOM chart engine
  • Latest chart developments and improvements: What’s new since Web Intelligence 4.2?
  • Deep dive into unknown charts customization settings
    Some unknown yet powerful charts settings…
  • Charts you did not know you could do in Web Intelligence
    Examples of exotic charts you can build…
  • Key points to take home & Questions
flag-us May 1730mn

Regulatory needs in Business Objects: GDPR, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA

  • HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and FISMA are common regulations organizations are required to meet. Business Objects needs to meet these regulatory requirements as it reports sensitive information. Our Webinar will demonstrate how the 360Suite tools can be used to meet regulatory needs.
europe-flag May 1730mn

GDPR-Compliant in SAP BusinessObjects with 360Suite tools

360Suite Tools will help you become GDPR-compliant key points:

  • Flag Personal data
  • Audit existence of Personal data
  • Monitor usage of Personal data
  • Document usage of Personal data
  • Audit users and what they have access to

Business Objects Service Pack Upgrade

  • Discover the best practices for a successful and easier upgrade.

Business Objects Cloud Migration (AWS, AZURE, SAP, etc.)

  • Pre-migration, migration, and post-migration (performance and cleaning)
  • Maximize resources with 360Suite solutions
  • Cut migration time and cost for your SAP BO Platform on premise or in the cloud

SAP BusinessObjects Platform Extension

  • Cut migration time and cost for your SAP BO Platform on premise or in the cloud
  • Gain even more insight & detect anomalies
  • Reach high quality assurance standards & consistency

The Future of SAP BusinessObjects Webi – BI4.2 SP06 and beyond

  • Improvements to the new Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer
  • New Webi “auto-refresh” feature
  • Time dimension
  • “View time security” applied at document opening
  • Report-to-report navigation within the same Webi document
  • And much more

Business Objects Archiving with 360Suite

  • Determine what content should be archived based on usage/non-usage
  • Archive instances outside the BI platform
  • Automate the archiving process
  • Perform pseudo-archiving with report bursting
  • Retrieve content from archives

Business Objects at Vanderbilt Medical Center with the 360Suite

  • Recently Vanderbilt Medical center upgraded to Business objects 4.2 and an upgrade to EPIC.
  • 360suite has been leveraged to gain efficiency and reduce costs.
  • The webinar will focus on Vanderbilt Medical Center use of SAP BusinessObjects Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA), and EPIC integration with the 360Suite.

What's New in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP07?

24/1/201910:00am EST1 hour
Learn about the new features provided by the BI platform with the latest and greatest release. Understand the future planned functionalities in the subsequent release to help prepare for the updates.

What's New in SAP BI 4.2 SP7: Web Intelligence & Semantic Layer?

29/1/201911:00am EST1 hour
This webinar will cover the latest updates available in 4.2 SP07 on Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer.