Upcoming Webinars

flag-us  Jan. 24 – 1PM EST30mn
europe-flag  Jan. 25 – 11AM30mn
flag-fr  Jan. 25 – 11AM30mn

Business Objects Cloud Migration (AWS, Azure, SAP, etc.)

  • This webinar will focus on pre-migration, migration, and post-migration (performance and cleaning), with an emphasis on using 360Suite solutions to maximize resources.
flag-us  Feb. 15 – 1PM EST30mn
europe-flag  Feb. 20 – 11AM30mn

Business Objects Archiving with 360Suite

flag-us  Mar. 15 – 1PM EST30mn
europe-flag  Mar. 20 – 11AM30mn

Business Objects Light-weight Monitoring (Kill Problem Reports!) with 360Suite

Past Webinars

flag-us  Dec. 12 – 1PM30mn

Business Objects at Vanderbilt Medical Center with the 360Suite

  • Recently Vanderbilt Medical center upgraded to Business objects 4.2 and an upgrade to EPIC.
  • 360suite has been leveraged to gain efficiency and reduce costs.
  • The webinar will focus on Vanderbilt Medical Center use of SAP BusinessObjects Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA), and EPIC integration with the 360Suite.
flag-us  Nov. 16 – 1PM30mn

Regulatory needs in Business Objects: GDPR, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA

  • HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and FISMA are common regulations organizations are requires to meet.
  • Business Objects needs to meet there regulatory requirements as it reports sensitive information.
  • Our Webinar will demonstrate how the 360Suite tools can be used to meet regulatory needs.
europe-flag  Nov. 14 – 3PM30mn

GDPR-compliant in SAP BusinessObjects with 360Suite tools

  • Flag Personal data
  • Audit existence of Personal data
  • Monitor usage of Personal data
  • Document usage of Personal data
  • Audit users and what they have access to