360Cast Benefits

Streamline job durations while optimizing scheduled tasks.
Effective and powerful report broadcasting.
Consistent data and BusinessObjects instance bursting.
Ensure published data privacy.
Improved tracking of report bursting, document dispatch, ongoing or failed publications.
Easier maintenance of publication/bursting tasks.

360Cast Use Cases

High-volume BO report broadcasting/bursting over E-mail, FTP or SharePoint
Scheduling and per-recipient export of filtered custom reports
Industrial management of recipients, export formats (PDF, XLSX, HTML, etc.) and filter values, thus making publication/bursting management easier
BO report bursting integrated to data update process (ETL) through interfacing with Enterprise Schedulers (ControlM, $Universe, TWS, UC4, VTom, etc.)

Dynamic Bursting

Create destination lists (Excel, SQL, CSV, Webi) and select destination types (E-mail, folder, BO Inbox, FTP, SharePoint), formats (XLS, PDF, HTML, etc.), and filter values.
Split reports (Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Deski) using filters and/or dynamic prompts thanks to the information stored in your destination lists.
Schedule report bursting on a regular basis or using externally triggered bursting tasks.
Get a global overview of all publications.
Easier maintenance of existing destination lists: changes are centralized and directly taken into account the next time the task is run. No need for daily publication updates anymore!
Using prompts and filters allows optimizing the amount of instances generated in BO.
Gather reports as PDF files or package them into ZIP files for faster and more effective bursting.


Automate your SAP BusinessObjects publications.
Connect scheduled tasks to your enterprise scheduler (ControlM, $U, TWS, UC4, VTom, etc.).
Include your SAP BusinessObjects publications to your decision-making processes (datasources, ETL, databases).
Include return codes into the scheduler task line: warn recipients if a problem arises, restart failing tasks.
SQL Destination list updates over ETL dataflow to ensure automatic updates for the next bursting task: selecting the appropriate reports, recipients, export formats and filter values.

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Broadcast Bursting SAP BusinessObjects