Business Objects
Automated Regression Testing

Detect 100% of regressions in all reports

  • Compare Webi, Crystal and Deski report outputs over time and across versions
  • Pinpoint only reports containing regressions
  • Automate a side-by-side comparison of reports
  • Display and highlight only regression results inside reports

Ensure data consistency by eliminating manual report comparisons

  • Schedule testing
  • Send regression results to business (i.e., self-service report testing solution)
  • Set up security rules on testing outputs

Identify calculation engine changes

  • Compare data, images, structures, styles
  • Compare execution times
  • Compare dev/prod and versions (3.1/4.2, 4.1/4.2, 4.2/SP2, 4.3/SP3, etc.)
  • Verify any platform updates (OS, BW, universe, etc.)
  • Find regressions at database level


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