360Bind Benefits

Compare Webi, Crystal and Deski reports across different versions. Processing twenty reports manually can take several hours, but with 360Bind you have the opportunity to automatically process thousands of reports in a few days!

Track Web Intelligence calculation engine changes to avoid business disruption.

With budget constraints and strained resources, customers are looking more than ever to cutting-edge technology to address their upgrade and service pack challenges.

Take advantage of automation testing to deliver projects to the business on time, with less risk and under budget.

360Bind Use Cases

Speed up and make migration projects easier thanks to automated testing applied to all reports.
Enforce change control policies to spot the origin of changes and their potential impacts (changes in databases, in the universe, history, ETL change, data-warehouse or BW change, etc.) and warn users.
Focus resources on the analysis of regressing reports and reducing the process scope.
Maintain accuracy and consistency of BusinessObjects reports to mitigate risks.

Schedule Report Exports

Dynamic report scheduling with predefined prompt and filter values.
Simultaneous report generation on several SAP BusinessObjects setups (version, SP).
Automate exports to make regression testing a routine task.
Schedule XML export of your reports for optimum comparison.
Simple and effective scheduling management for recurring exports.

Outputs Comparison

Effective report data comparison.
Image comparison (pixels, colors) using several precision levels.
Comparison of seemingly identical reports (change control).
Report comparison across versions or service packs for migration validation.
Cross-CMS report comparison for development validation.
Gather comparison results into a detailed report and focus efforts on regressing reports.
Visually highlight report regressions.

Optimize Migrations

Visually compare and qualify reports across versions, and validate migrations.
Multiple regression tests allowing users to highlight differences in reports.
Qualify all your reports rather than relying on sample/partial qualification.
Seamless and automated qualification (no impact on users).
Qualify developments in new projects or new versions.
Enforce continuous change control on new versions (change in databases, ETL, BW, universes, OS etc.).

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