360View Init Benefits

Save substantial time when creating projects
Reduce the risk of errors with project import (objects, security, etc.)
Create your projects in Excel and benefit from mass-creation function

360View Init Use Cases

SAP BusinessObjects initialisation
New SAP BusinessObjects project creation
Delegate project creation to the project manager without requiring manual creation in the CMC

Import the Excel file through 360Init to the desired target environment

Import a whole project in one step to initialize it on an environment and get it operational.
Benefit from scheduled Excel file import via 360Init to ensure projects and security are up to date.
The security settings specified in the Excel template are automatically implemented on the target environment (no manual access management through the CMC).
Use 360View to document mass-imports performed by 360Init to validate operations. (Provide exports to key users and auditors).

Initialize projects from Excel file templates

  1. Create actors and resources easily when working on projects.
    • Create actors (groups, users).
    • Populate groups with the corresponding actors.
    • Manage resource hierarchies (public folders, connection folders, universe folders, etc.).
  2. Custom access level specification.
  3. Actor to Resource security implementation using Excel spreadsheet matrices.

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