360Eyes Compliance Benefits

Be ready for SAP BusinessObjects audits.
Asset Management: Rule out any potential risk by ensuring license compliance.
Manage and adapt your software licenses to fit your actual needs.
Avoid any financial penalties.

360Eyes Compliance Use Cases

Regular license auditing (Asset Management).
Financial risk management.
SAP BusinessObjects license management.
Ensure compliance before launching LMBI and returning the information to SAP.

Count your deployed licenses

Keep deployed licenses under control with just a few clicks.
Conduct regular reviews and be proactive regarding audits performed by SAP (LMBI / self-declaration).
Keep track of the total number of active, dormant and inactive users.
Comparison between your deployed licenses and the amount allowed by your BO contract.
Avoid duplicate entries for users owning several accounts.

Certified Expertise

360Eyes Compliance is certified by a legal expert in France.
GB&SMITH assists you in ensuring licenses validity (if necessary).
License selection assistance.

Eyes compliance compatible with a number of BO versions: BO5, BO6, XI R2 & XI3, BI4.
360Eyes Compliance is also compatible with various Operating Systems (UNIX/Windows) and with the deployed repository database.

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