Our clients trust in the GB & Smith quality solutions.

Our clients trust in the GB & Smith quality solutions.

GB & Smith’s award-winning solutions enable administrators, auditors and end-users to optimize the performance and efficiency of SAP BusinessObjects deployments while increasing reports design productivity.

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    Vinod K Vattipally – DXC.technology – Dubai

    “Context: CSC / DXC is tasked to upgrade the Business Objects version of their customer and there were aggressive timelines and cost expectation to be met as part of the project. There are huge number of reports (Webi: 38000 and Deski: 300) to be migrated to the latest version of Business Objects. Customer is a premier airlines company in Middle East. The project was expected to be completed in 5 months with limited budget.


    Pieter-Jan De Clercq – IVC – Group Belgium

    “We started using the 360Cast tool at IVC because it has a lot more functionality than the default CMC scheduling in Business Objects. Our prime concern with CMC is that is still not featuring any integration with SAP BW. If a data load in SAP BW fails, the reports are still being sent, resulting in confused business users. (more…)

    TIRus International

    Marc BUTHEY – TiRus International – Switzerland

    “In order to move our reporting out of our ERP database, we decided to use SQL Server for the ETL and SAP Business Object for reports creation and making them available to users. As soon as the number of our users increased to 200+, we quickly noticed that managing authorizations via the Central Management Console would become very time consuming and that Central Management Console itself was not that handy to use.


  • Jay Riddle – Lockheed Martin – USA

    “Trying to pull together meaningful information from the Audit and CMS repositories in a fashion that is trustworthy, and repeatable is a difficult and costly task. Having a product that can catalog and merge those data sets together in a fashion where the data is trusted is critical to our success in migrating our customer’s reports from one SAP BusinessObjects landscape to another as part of our migration from Oracle to SAP HANA. 


    Kevin FARCY – Courtepaille – France

    “For several years we have been using 360 (View and Eyes). This solution was implemented to allow us to easily and quickly perform the audit tasks of our SAP BI 4.1 decision-making system.

    We have more time to plan backups of the SAP BI 4.1 platform (users, documents, universes …). A few months ago, after testing the 360Bind tool, we did not hesitate to acquire it. (more…)

    Dariusz Zyskowski – City of Chicago – USA

    “360Plus is BO administrator’s best friend – much more sophisticated and intuitive. It offers an excellent back-up solution and many other useful functions in addition to just admin BO repository reports (compared to other alternatives). The customer support team is very responsive; one of my suggestions was actually implemented in the latest 360View release.”

  • Joël Rousselle – MAAF – France

    “360suite was of a big help during our migration towards BOXI3.1. Support is really proactive and we have an important ROI on all our daily actions on our Business Objects platforms.”

    Urs Aeschbacher – Swiss Re – Switzerland

    “Thanks to 360view we are now able to deploy security settings consistently among our numerous BusinessObjects Enterprise Environments by using the centrally stored Custom Security Profiles. (more…)

    Camille Roux – Ugitech – France

    “After having used 360suite for only few weeks, we wonder how we have been able to make do without this solution. As my teams save much time everyday thanks to GB & SMITH’s solutions, return on investment only took few months!”

  • Morgan Rochais – IMA – France

    “SAP BO administration is so easy now! We setup a powerful backup strategy allowing us to selective restore any version when needed. Even restoring deleted personal documents is just a mouse-click away. We can easily answer any question asked by our internal auditors regarding the security settings using all the Excel on the fly exports.”

    Francis Pochat – SOMFY – France

    “360suite is for Somfy the essential solution to administrate & manage our BO XI platform. It has become an inevitable partner for Somfy, not only for the BI team but also for end users.”

    Marc Buthey – Tirus International – Switzerland

    “Within SAP BusinessObjects, the CMC is a time-consuming and error-prone. […]By choosing the 360suite range Using SAP BusinessObjects becomes easier, faster and more efficient. We get 60% productivity gain on specific tasks. Now we can focus on tasks with higher added value, such as delivering new contents or solutions to our end users.”

  • Tanya Bressi – UQAM – Canada

    “We recently redesigned our BOE security strategy in its entirety and relied on 360view to significantly reduce the complexity and effort required for such an initiative. 360view user-friendly interface and comprehensive audit reports considerably reduce the amount of time our support team spends on deploying and managing extensive administrative changes.”

    Kevin Tew – UNC Health Care – USA

    “Without 360Plus, it would be much more difficult to restore a document a user has deleted and we would be unable to reclaim used disk space. The products are great and work as they should and are simple to use. (more…)

    David Taylor – Phillips Exeter Academy – USA

    “I have been working with the product in our development environment, and am more impressed the more I use it. Your team has created a terrific product, and I am glad to have it in my toolkit. This product has greatly reduced my Business Objects administration burden.”

  • Klaus Guhr – Kabel Deutschland AG – Germany

    “We are using this suite of products within our SAP BusinessObjects platforms deployment as a Life Cycle Management and Security Solution management tool. Support is very helpful and proactive. 360suite, helps us to manage and audit our 3 platforms efficiently.”

    Stefan Kiener – The Swiss Federal Roads Office – Switzerland

    “Making BO operation lighter and smoother: 360Suite has allowed the ASTRA BI team to comply with BO operation demands with fewer staff. Without 360Suite, numbers of tasks would be way more complex and costly to perform.”


    Greg Goss – Tencate – The Netherlands

    360 Plus has filled a large gap in our disaster recovery plan. Versioning and recovery of lost or damaged report objects is easier than ever. Between 360Plus and 360Eyes, we also have better visibility of our BObj environment than we had without.

  • Dan Dellacona – Tucson Medical Center – USA

    “My users are using SAP BusinessObjects to determine the health of our patients, the health of our business and the health of our processes. I need the same for my Business Objects systems […]with minimum complexity and that’s why 360suite came through for us. 360suite has becoming a must have product at TMC.”

    Jeffery Morrison – Nemours Childrens Foundation – USA

    “360eyes has allowed us to extract all the metadata from our Crystal Environment. We are able to analyze this data and determine which reports are not in use any more. With a major upgrade coming this will be a huge help so that we don’t have to modify reports that are not even used.”

    studycase tirus businessobjects 360Suite

    Studycase by Tirus

    We were able to make a full and deep analysis of our SAP BusinessObjects assets and we can keep control on our deployments. The return on investment will be fast, that’s why we have decided to purchase the whole range of products. By acquiring the GB & SMITH’s solutions, our company increases efficiency and a future migration will be simplified.”