360Vers Benefits

Track who did what, when, & where on reports and universe versions
Enforce compliance: Setup multiple workflow approvals before version release
Meet Regulations: SOX, FISMA, HIPPA, GDPR, etc.

360Vers Use Cases

Place business processes & structures around the development cycle
Customize version control based on organization needs
Audit any actions performed by object

Version Control and LifeCycle Management

Version Management via check-in & check-out
Quick rollback to a previous version
Compare versions of reports or universes side by side 

Web Intelligence extension enables check-in and check-out within Webi
Inability to modify when checked out
Manage, track, and report across multiple platforms on versioning

Manage projects & delivery: Promote objects based on version number
Define custom version formats & comments
View every action executed on each object (creation, rollback, promotion, etc.)

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Version Control and LifeCycle Management