360Vers Benefits

Optimized SAP BusinessObjects document development
Project view on on-going developments
Collaborative and structured developments
BO document life-cycle: Optimize workflow development and delivery

360Vers Use Cases

New operational projects including SAP BusinessObjects report development
TMA in charge of the SAP BusinessObjects development
Continuous development
Define SAP BusinessObjects content development and delivery procedures

Version Backup

Project-mode object life-cycle management.
Check in / Check out system ensuring report, universe and connection version integrity. Prevents concurrent modification of given contents by multiple users.
Automatic version increment for linking versions to projects.
Gather documents, universes and connections into a single project for optimum management (tracking and promotion).
Compare and restore specific versions (compare and/or revert performed changes).
Object locking and version creation embedded in the Web Intelligence application through the BI Launch Pad.
Collaborative versioning tool for development teams (projects / TMA).
Versioning rights can be attributed to a specific team or individual staff member.

Automated Project Delivery

Select an object version and promote it across environments
Select a specific report, universe and connection versions for global production launch
Global rollback for a given project

Version Control

Selective auditing: Continuous analysis of object life-cycles across various environments (development, production, etc.)
Project auditing: Identify different object versions in a given project
System perimeter analysis: Define a perimeter and get all the versions of any existing object within the specified perimeter range
Administration analysis: Identify locked objects and related settings

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Version Control SAP BusinessObjects