360Plus Benefits

Single-click recovery of any deleted object.
Flexible project or corrupt object rollback.
Substantial time savings on content backup, rollback and promotion operations.
Effective project management using collaborative versioning tools.
High availability of the platform by switching from cold backup (daily shutdown) to live Delta-mode backup.

360Plus Use Cases

SAP BusinessObjects development project (development, versioning, shipping).
Switch from an outdated backup system to a flexible and reliable solution (moving from time-consuming, if not impossible, document retrieval, to single-click recovery).

Backup And Restore

Incremental backup allowing retaining different copies of a same object.
Automated full-backup tasks using an enterprise scheduler.
Powerful Business Objects disaster recovery using incremental restore jobs.
Define a simple and effective backup strategy taking the whole BO content into account, including personal documents (personal or public Webi, Crystal and Deski), universes, folders, users, groups, security, etc.
Fast recovery of any object from a recycle bin.
Perform rollback operations on any object to restore previous versions.
Compare production objects against previous versions before restoring.

Promotion Management

Simultaneous log-in to multiple BO environments (DEV, PROD).
Single-screen view of multiple BO environments.
Replace LCM by a selective promotion and shipping management system using simple drag-and-drop operations.
Replace LCM by a mass-shipping and bulk-promotion management system using object flagging (flag on every object to promote). No size or object number limit for promotion.
Automated object life-cycle management.
Single-screen comparison of multiple environments and documents.

Version Control

Version management in project mode thanks to document, universe, connection check-in/check-out features.
Object locking during changes.
Version documentation by version number, date and description.
Easy recovery of a previous version, including its properties.
Version comparison (current and previous).
Promoting sets of objects with the same version number.
Manage the life cycle of different versions (multi environment) by storing the actions performed on each object (creation, rollback, promotion, etc.).
Rollback and bulk-promotion management for a given project or version.

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