360Eyes Benefits

Boost and optimize migration projects
Analyse the evolution of your platform throughout migration projects
Get full information about your SAP BusinessObjects metadata: inactive user(s), access rights, evolution of your platform over time, differences across environments, relationships between components (universes, documents, ETL, database, BW)
Highlight the impact of changes in the decision-making process (database, BW, Data Services or Universe)

360Eyes Use Cases

Migration projects.
Service Pack deployment.
Continuous analysis and control of your SAP BusinessObjects platforms.
Detailed security documentation.
Change of licensing model.
Activity analysis.
Internal re-billing based on actual platform usage.
Data lineage.

Optimize your migration projects

Document and audit your platforms in order to prepare migrations.
Perform metadata cross-analysis: detect unused documents and universes, dormant or inactive users and duplicate reports.
Clean your platforms to migrate relevant content only.
Analyse and optimize report structures before conversion.
Analyse and clean UNV universes before converting them to UNX.
Compare several environments and versions throughout migration: platform comparison before, during and after a migration project.
Monitor user activity and session peaks to define licensing needs (CSBL) and named users.
Perform impact analysis on documents before deploying a service pack or update (new calculation engine, object or table change).

Control over time

Document the content of your entire platform: documents, universes, auditor data and security data.
Track the evolution of your platforms by retaining snapshots of existing metadata.
Monitor universe evolution and perform continuous optimization.
Monitor the evolution of your report portfolio, spot unused reports as well as similar and duplicate reports.
Compare environments over time and monitor changes (universes, documents, security).
Perform BO actions on BO data: auditing, cross-analysis, predictive analysis, comparisons over time.
Analyse user activity and audit data; spot inactive users to manage software licenses.

Unlimited data analysis

360Eyes includes universes and a set of 40 preset Webi reports, allowing unlimited data analysis on all your environments.
Create your own custom reports gathering available universe data.
Control and manage report changes with the impact analysis feature (universe objects, database changes, BW, ETL, Data Services changes).

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