360Live Benefits

Simplify SAP BusinessObjects administration.
Limit the risk of error due to manual and time-consuming administration operations.
Save up to 60% of your time on administration tasks with content bulk processing.
Map out and document all users and resources using the built-in documentation feature.
Benefit from a user-friendly administration console.
Automate as many administration tasks as desired.
Detect inconsistent BI content.
Ensure that your SAP BO platforms are running properly.

360Live Use Cases

SAP BusinessObjects deployment.
Starting a project and creating user groups, users, folders with their contents.
Daily administration.
Migration project.
Real-time content investigation.
Monitoring of platforms.


Manage your SAP BusinessObjects content.
Bulk-update universes and BEX queries used in Webi reports (from UNV to UNX).
Bulk-edit user account properties (from named to concurrent, override passwords, etc.).
Clean instances.
Purge web intelligence reports.
Export and import content: groups, users, folders, universe overloads, etc.
Automate administration and clean-up tasks (instances, active sessions, etc.).


Map out and document your SAP BusinessObjects environment (universes, connections, reports).
Perform fast content audit (inactive users, empty folders, etc.).
Automate documentation tasks for all actors (key users, functional administrators, internal and external auditors).
Drill-down capabilities: explore your content.
Identify and analyze inconsistent data.


Identify instance-related issues: get alerts about instance size and instance running time.
Email notifications and logs for comprehensive monitoring.
Real-time analysis of platform performance indicators.
Detect running platform issues (CPU, memory, etc.).

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