Ibis 2018


Meet the 360Suite team at IBIS 2018, on June 18-20 at Park Hyatt Aviara, in Carlsbad, CA.
IBIS is the annual conference completely dedicated to the Business Objects community. Engage with real Business Objects users who are key influencers and decision makers.

Discover 360Suite solutions for Business Objects to address pain points around security, administration, backup and disaster recovery, promotion, regression testing, metadata, BI on BI, reporting, version control, and more. Don’t miss our session “Business Objects Cloud Migration (Pre & Post): AWS, Azure, SAP HEC, etc.” on Tuesday, June 19 at 3:45PM. Abstract: Move & Maintain Business Objects on the Cloud. Increasingly, organizations are choosing to migrate applications and data to the cloud. 360Suite recommends a 10-step process to successfully migrate Business Objects to the cloud, and a 7-step process to maintain it. The same set of 360Suite solutions enhance Business Objects before, during, and after a cloud migration. Over the past years, 360Suite has helped hundreds of organizations ease Business Objects upgrades and migrations, on-premise and on the cloud.

Find out more about our solutions here. More about IBIS 2018 https://attendibis.com/

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