Automated Reports Regression Testing

Reports are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get… when you open them after an upgrade. Chocolate has been on our mind lately because the maker of the world’s finest chocolate recently purchased 360Bind. They know reports are like a box of chocolates, you want to be pleasantly surprised when you open them, not horribly shocked.

Because there are often so many reports to test after a migration, or even a minor upgrade, there is never enough time to test them all. 360Bind is an automated regression testing tool that allows you to pinpoint differences between reports compared across environments and across versions. With 360Bind, BusinessObjects reports test automation is a reality! Save time & money! Focus on more value added tasks!

Don’t let your users be unpleasantly surprised when they open their reports after an SAP BusinessObjects upgrade! Try 360Bind today!

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