Taking Full Advantage of 360Suite #3 – Version Control

Do you struggle with versioning Universes and Webi Reports? What about Crystal Reports? Have you ever lost a day of more of development time due to the difficulties with versioning Universes and Reports in Business Objects? Do you need Business Objects version control for Compliance requirements?

If there are more than one developers on your BI team I am sure you have been concerned about versioning. Even if there is just one developer, if you are frequently making changes to your Universes and reports managing versions isn’t easy. SAP BOBJ BI 4.x is shipped with a Versioning tool called Subversion, which is a third party tool. I will admit, when I installed BI 4.1 a couple of years ago I tried to get Subversion working…I never got it working properly. (Am I the only one?)

Here is a list of features available in 360Vers that are not available in BOBJ’s versioning tool:

  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Web Intelligence Extension
  • Version comparison on Webis and Universes
  • Choose your own version number pattern
  • Version Instances

360Vers is a solution for versioning Business Objects Webi Reports, Crystal Reports and Universes (UNV and UNX). This tool is an easy to install web application that can run on your existing web application server. A small repository is needed to keep track of versions, nothing else! There is also a Web Intelligence Extension that allows developers to lock and version Webi reports from within Webi, so there is no need for them to log into the 360Vers web tool.

When you are ready to make a change you can lock the object you are changing. The object is locked that prevent any other user from modifying the objects. Once you have completed your changes, you check the object back in and a new version is created. You can maintain as many versions as are needed.

When setting up 360Vers, you choose the version pattern, whether it is 0.0.a or 1.0.1, 1.0, etc. You pick the pattern that works best for your environment. My favorite feature is the Compare option. You can compare differences between versions of Webi Reports and Universes. This is also useful for documenting changes!



  • Optimize Business Objects report development
  • Project view on on-going developments
  • Collaborative and structured developments
  • BO document life-cycle: Optimize workflow development and delivery

Coming soon…workflow will be included into the 360Vers solution. This will include the ability to send notifications when objects have been checked in and provides an approval process for promoting those objects through your environments.

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