360Suite for SAP BusinessObjects

With 360Suite, SAP BusinessObjects migration and administration have never been that easy!

Enhance the power of SAP BusinessObjects thanks to 6 ergonomic and user-friendly tools. Overall, 360Suite provides a convenient and user-friendly environment with its unique and essential features, allowing saving time, optimum security, tasks automation, simple documentation and risk mitigation.

360Suite provides all of the functionalities you need, no matter how large your SAP BusinessObjects deployment is!


Administration & Monitoring


Business Objects Monitoring & Management

Automate administration and clean-up tasks.
Drill-down capabilities: explore your content.
Identify and analyze inconsistent data.
Real-time analysis of platform performance indicators.

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Business Objects Security & bulk Updates

Global security displayed on one single screen in a few clicks.
Bulk update of content, security or universe overloads.
Document all your content (universes, connections, reports, folders).

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Audit & Compliance

Audit Analyse BI on BI SAP BusinessObjects

Analyze Business Objects Metadata

Essential to migration or clean-up strategies.
Track useless or duplicated reports, unused objects, optimize reports and thus conversion, optimize universes.
Compare environments (CMS, version, time).
Perform impact analysis.

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Audit Compliance License SAP BusinessObjects

Ensure Business Objects License Compliance

The assurance of a perfect match between the amount of deployed licenses and your BusinessObjects contract.
Be proactive prior to SAP audits (self declaration/LMBI product).

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Risk Coverage

SAP BusinessObjects Non-Regression Testing

Automated Business Objects Regression Testing

Fast-track migration, safe new Service Pack deployment
Detection of non-matching report output (data)
Point out regressions, you do not even need to open and check your Webis

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SAP BusinessObjects Backup Restore

Business Objects Backup, Promotion & Version Control

Incremental content backup and selective object restoration
Single-screen object comparison and promotion between different SAP BusinessObjects environments
Version management, lineage, and data comparison of any object

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Scheduling & Bursting

Broadcast Bursting SAP BusinessObjects

Dynamic recipients, prompts and filters values from Excel file or Database
Link SAP BusinessObjects scheduling with your enterprise job scheduler

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